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    Web Development, Applications & Branding

We are LightByte. LightByte Studio.

At LightByte, we specialize at building websites and web-based systems, focusing on efficiency, high-quality work and facing deadlines.
As a client in our studio, you’ll get through an organized strategy-building process and SRS writing, designing your website with the most modern and creative design language, following an optimal development process.


Hybrid applications

Development of web-based mobile-apps (hybrid), along with “converting” websites into mobile-app.

Programing & Development

Development using the most advanced technologies and platforms.

Maintenance & Management

Maintenance and content management of websites, web-based systems and mobile-apps.

Brand & Design

Branding process along with logo creation and design language building.

Content Writing

Professional content writing for websites in English, Hebrew, French and German.


Design websites, mobile-apps, mockups, logos etc’.



The first step of building a website is writing its goals and strategy. Along with this step, a SRS writing process is happening - creating a document which specifies all the website’s features, pages and specifications.



When the SRS is ready, we’re starting the website’s pages design process. After the first sketch, a “ping-pong” process is starting with the client in order to confirm the design, or a whole new sketch is made.



After having the website’s final design, we’re taking the design to our R&D team, which takes care of developing the website at a “pixel-perfect” way.



Congratulations! Your site is ready, you’re eligible for hosting your website by our hosting partners and get a full support for your website and server.

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